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Different ages, Different needs.

Call 512-894-5050 for details

(Primary Care)


(Primary Care)


(Primary Care)

 $50/month + Medicare billing

Expert Medical Consultation

Starting at $999

Urgent Care


Open to the Public

Telemed Visit


Open to the Public

Men's Health
(Includes Primary Care Membership)


Vitality Infusions & 
(Via Alta Infusions)


Open to the Public

IV Ketamine 
(Depression, Anxiety, PTSD)

(Via Alta Infusions)

Open to the Public

Medical Cannabis Consultation

  • Screening (Free)

  • Initial eval ($175)

  • 6 mo. check-in ( $105)

  • As needed visits  ($99)

Joint Injections for Chronic Pain

Open to the Public



Medical Weight Loss

(Via Code 1 Weight Loss) 


Open to the Public

All memberships come with a one-time, non-refundable $199 enrollment fee (per person)

Call 512-894-5050 for details

So what if I have to get labs done?

It's a simple process

  • We send an order to CPL (Austin’s local lab company)

  • You get your labs done there (usually fasting)

  • We email or call you with the results within 1-2 days (generally speaking). 

What happens if I need X-rays, CT or other scans? 

We have contracted with ARA and other imaging centers in the Austin area to provide you extremely low cost, cash priced imaging.

For example (prices approximate): 

  • Ankle X-ray: $51

  • Chest X-ray: $56

  • Elbow X-ray: $58

  • Hand X-ray: $52

  • Knee X-ray: $78

  • Shoulder: $57

  • US Skin: $60

  • CT Abdomen/Pelvis: $350

  • CT Head: $248

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