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Different ages, Different needs.

Call 512-894-5050 for details

Ketamine Therapy

$3000.00/ 6 infusion series

$250.00/ maintenance visit

(about every 2-3 months)

(There is separate from active  membership)

(Primary Care)


(Primary Care)


(Primary Care)

 $100/month + Medicare billing

Medically Supervised Weight Loss



  • Tirzepatide & Semaglutide injections (“skinny shots”).

  • Consultation: $99.99

  • Weekly accountability = proven success

  • Supportive team. 

  • Training & Coaching available. 

  • Nutritional plans also available. 

Urgent Care


Open to the Public

(There is no charge for active  members)

Telemed Visit


Open to the Public

(There is no charge for active  members)

Men's Health
(Includes Primary Care Membership
Weekly Injections*)


* Only required for 3 months & then may transition to at-home prescription @ regular membership price.

Corporate Memberships
(Enroll your small business)

Call for pricing & more information

Medical Cannabis Consultation
(Dr. Cashio)

  • Screening (Free)

  • Initial eval ($175)

  • 6 mo. check-in ( $105)

  • As needed visits  ($99)

Joint Injections for Chronic Pain

Open to the Public



All memberships come with a one-time, non-refundable $249 enrollment fee (per person)

Call 512-894-5050 for details

So what if I have to get labs done?

It's a simple process

  • We send an order to CPL (Austin’s local lab company)

  • You get your labs done there (usually fasting)

  • We email or call you with the results within 1-2 days (generally speaking). 

What happens if I need X-rays, CT or other scans? 

We have contracted with ARA and other imaging centers in the Austin area to provide you extremely low cost, cash priced imaging.

For example (prices approximate): 

  • Ankle X-ray: $51

  • Chest X-ray: $56

  • Elbow X-ray: $58

  • Hand X-ray: $52

  • Knee X-ray: $78

  • Shoulder: $57

  • US Skin: $60

  • CT Abdomen/Pelvis: $350

  • CT Head: $248

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