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Young Family

Individuals & Families

Our General Philosophy

  • For most individuals, about 50% of your health comes from Mom and Dad.

  • The remaining 50% comes from life (injuries, accidents, bad luck) and the choices each one of us makes, day in and day out.

  •  Many of modern human’s health (obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, poor circulation, kidney problems, low testosterone) 

Just as important to us is your Mental Health 

  • Your mind is as powerful as your body, and in many cases even more so.  That’s why our practice focuses on connecting you with people who can help you. 

  •  Anxiety,  Depression, PTSD ,Feeling defeated, And so on

  • Sometimes this means medication, however we focus more on giving you the skills that you need to have lifelong mental health. 

Scientific Medicine blended with other holistic approaches & practitioners:

  • The importance of DIET and EXERCISE as the foundation of health. 

  • Complementary Alternative Medicine Modalities

  • Physical Therapy

  • Mental Health 


Will see Children: Ages 5 and up

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