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Men's Health



  • Achieving financial success & stability

  • Providing for those who depend upon you.  

  • Physical fitness, strength, and "looking good." 

  • Being funny, creative, inventive, smooth, and being the man who "just gets it" during dating & marriage. 

  • Answering your nation's call should the occasion arise. 

  • Willingness to sacrifice your life for your family. 

  • Being the emotional and situational anchor for your friends, family, and children in life and in crisis.

  • Leadership for your family, business, church, and organization. 

  • Doing the dirty but necessary work (including dealing with bugs, snakes, & other "icky" creepy things*) 

It's a big burden for anyone to shoulder. It wears you down. The burden becomes too much sometimes. Sometimes it just plain sucks. 

We both know that some of the greatest personal moments of your life came when you've triumphed over adversity. Triumphed over impossible odds. Showed the doubters and haters. Overcome your own fear, uncertainty, and doubt to achieve victory. 

Q: "How do you do it?"

A: You do it by building a powerful mental and physical foundation for success through working smart and hard. 

What you don't do is continue on the same path that you've been on for years: sacrificing everything for career, family, ambition and letting your health and well-being go down the drain. 

In our 17+ years in medicine, we've seen it over and over: The man who's provided his family with everything that they need, now now fat, sick (sometimes irretrievably so) and shattered. The sad part is this broken man is usually young. We're talking early 40s, 50s or 60s. It's incredible. That man is usually accompanied by his wife (if still married) or children who are heartsick and worried, angry and frustrated at their family's rock falling apart. 

The other common scenario is the same man who's done it all without taking care of himself who wakes up one day to find that his wife has left him for another man who does take care of his physical fitness. 

The truth that few men openly acknowledge:

  • The discipline necessary to build great physical health directly translates into the mental fortitude and emotional strength necessary to have and maintain a successful life.

  • Failure to commit to your health, strength, and fitness is a commitment to future failure.

We understand your challenges, because they're the challenges that all of us face. 

The good news is that we live in an unprecedented time. There is more good science & information than ever before to help us live longer, stronger, more balanced and happy lives. 


Ignore all of the political, global things going on around us. The only thing that we can influence is ourselves, our family, friends, co-workers, and more if we're lucky. 

So commit yourself to doing better than before. Commit to executing on a better version of you this year. 


Men have unique concerns:

  • Male-specific health issues

  • Strength & Fitness

  • Career worries

  • Mental toughness

  • Diet & Nutrition

  • Relationship concerns

At Code 1 Concierge Care, we recognize that just as women have their own specific needs, so too do men need doctors who understand them.


Our Men's Health program breaks down men's health and wellness into it's component parts:

  • General health evaluation

  • Fitness evaluation & guidance

  • Dietary  counseling

  • Lifestyle advice

  • Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) when appropriate.

(*) For the record I hate snakes and spiders. Still deal with them though. Hahah . 

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