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Health Care Doesn't have to Break the Bank.

Now more than ever, keeping employees happy and satisfied is critical to your success. Great employees provide 10x the cost you pay them.


According to multiple surveys, the Number 1 priority for most employees (after salary) is health care care. 

Unfortunately, current economic conditions are proving to be a serious economic challenge for many companies, small and large. Because of this, many local businesses are finding it difficult to justify the cost of providing the usual healthcare to employees. 

Code 1 Concierge Care can improve your bottom line immediately

1. You can provide health care that's close by, affordable, and convenient for your employees. 

2. Increase employee satisfaction and retention

3. Reduce the cost of hiring. 

4. Decreased absenteeism/lost hours.

5. Preventative care, wellness programs, and employees who are overall happier, and healthier.

6. Allows the switch to a lower-cost, high-deductible insurance offering.

Best of all, YOU Control the Process

1. YOU decide which employees are eligible for services at Code 1 Concierge Care.

2. YOU decide how much you want to contribute per employee per month (employer contribution).

3. You only pay monthly for enrolled employees.

Employers: Welcome
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