Jef Sherwood

"I've never had a doctor that I knew cared about me on a personal level as well as professionally, so I can't make a comparison.

I've always felt disconnected...wait an extra 15-20 minutes in the waiting room for my appointment, the nurse takes your weight and vitals, a quick visit by the doc, and off to the pharmacy for a prescription. If you're tired of feeling like that and want the full attention of your doctor, I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Peter Cashio."

Jef Sherwood

Laura Lundin
Satterfield Family

"I highly recommend Dr. Cashio’s practice. From first contact he does his best to accommodate his patient from scheduling to payments. I have experienced doctors who do not listen to my needs or seek to have me understand their recommendations.

Dr. Cashio was thorough in his questioning, sought to understand my expectations in my visit, and spent time with me to explain his diagnosis and conclusions from an anatomical perspective. As an added bonus his office is clean and accessible."

Laura Lundin

Rob Satterfield & The Satterfield Family

"What a blessing Doctor Peter has been for our family.  Our family would normally never do a concierge doctor service.  After meeting Peter in Dripping Springs I realized that he truly cares for people.  After seeing his wisdom, knowledge, heart, and character our family signed up. 

This service is not only affordable, but it is fantastic.  My daughter woke up before school with pink eye.  We called Doctor Peter and he was evaluating her one hour later.  We went straight to the pharmacy and medicine was waiting for us immediately following his evaluation. 

One week later I realized I needed an x-ray.  Doctor Peter lined up an x-ray for a discount price.  We are so happy that we are using his concierge care.  We are even more happy to have such a wonderful man and doctor caring for our family.  I highly highly recommend him."