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When the Doctor Gets COVID-19: Ask Me Anything

For those who might not know it, I work part time in the ER while the practice grows. As such, I have come into contact with a huge number of COVID-19 positive individuals over the past month. And despite crazy amounts of protection, I eventually got the illness.

I decided to start this AMA series in order to help dispel any rumors about the illness, try to bring a somewhat unique perspective to the absolute ocean of misinformation that's causing cognitive lockdown among just about everyone.

About me

- Middle aged, absolutely no health issues (Like really. None)

- Never smoker, drink only 1-2 glasses of wine (or good whiskey!) a month. No drugs

- Workout 2x day (lift and cardio) - #75Hard routine, for those curious.

- I have seen literally hundreds of COVID-19 POSITIVE patients over the pandemic course.

Disease course (or the History of Illness)

History: I worked every weekend in June and first weekend in July in the ERs. At least 5-10 COVID-19+ pts/12 hour shift. Using PPE when in room, face mask at workstation.

- Last work shift was 7/5.

- Symptom onset 7/7 as follows: Fevers, arthralgia (bone pain), myalgia (muscle pain). Dry cough.

- Oxygen saturation on 7/9 down to 92% on room air. (Note: Normal is 97-100% at sea level).

- Additional symptoms included nausea, loose stools and abdominal pain. Rapid heart rate.

- Started HCQ +Azithro+Zn on 7/9.

- Significant overall improvement.

- Nasal swab test 7/10

- Result POSITIVE 7/14.

- Upper respiratory infection symptoms until 7/14 + fatigue.

- Absolutely asymptomatic except for significant fatigue since 7/16 .

- Still taking med regimen.

- Sats have been 97-98 since 7/10

- Only lingering issue is mild-moderate fatigue

Happy to Answer Questions

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