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Coronavirus Is Still Out There

Minimum requirement for safety

Greetings y’all. Dr. Pete here with a quick Coronavirus update.

As expected, since the state opened up in May, we’ve seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases here in Travis and Hays counties. No data yet on who’s getting sick (age, CO-morbid conditions, etc) but that data will come.

I know no one wants to hear and see these numbers. I know that I sure don’t! That said, just be aware of your surroundings, wear a mask in public as much as possible, and ensure the safety of those most at risk.

——————- Note: These numbers include not only positive CASES (to be expected with increased testing AND increased social interactions) but also HOSPITALIZATIONS.


Here are the Travis County numbers:

Travis County Overview, 6/13/20

Number hospitalized, and ICU numbers vs those on the vent:

Look at the graph underneath: Hospitalizations are ramping up but ICU admissions are stable (for now).

Numbers for Hays County:

Hays County New Cases 6/11/20

Hays County New Cases 6/12/20

Hays County New Cases 6/13/20

By location:

Hays County Cases by Location

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