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Can You Trust Them? 5 Easy Steps to Tell if a Speaker is a Real Expert

(Short video, < 3 minutes)

It won’t make you an expert on their topic (which is nearly impossible), but it will give you a sense whether their claims merit further research.

In the past six months, have you found yourself listening to a podcast or watching a video on YouTube, or watching the Joe Rogan Podcast and asked yourself:

“Is this true? Or is this so much bull excrement?"

I often ask myself the same question.

So, after tons of patient questions over the past month regarding various claims (“hydrogen water,” etc), I thought it best to create a short video explaining my approach.


(1) Real Information + Misinformation both come from the same sources. Bolded sources are the most common.

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Joe Rogan (Spotify)

  • Facebook

  • Podcasts

  • PubMed

  • TikTok

(2) PubMed is more likely to have true information than not.

(3) Absolutely no one will have 100% accuracy in detecting fraudulent or misleading ideas. The goal isn’t perfection. It’s to reduce the amount of noise so that you can focus on the most likely to be true ideas.

(4) There will always be an “uncertainty factor.” In other words, unless you yourself are an expert in the exact area in which a purported guru is discussing, you won’t ever reduce the level of uncertainty to zero.

(5) Real expertise welcomes questions and criticism.

That’s all for now, hope you guys found this helpful.

Be well!

Peter Cashio, MD MS

Founder, Code 1 Concierge Care

14101 HWY 290W, St 400A

Austin, TX 78737


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