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Losing Insurance DOESN'T Mean Lost Health CARE.

Millions of Texans are losing their jobs, and with it their health insurance.

- In that old days that meant disaster.

- In the 21st Century, you DON'T need a JOB to have HEALTHCARE.

For Code 1 Concierge Care MEMBERS:

- $75-100 per MONTH avg per member

- $0 to be seen by a DOCTOR

- $0 Follow Up Visits

- $0 Breathing treatments (Asthma, COPD)

- $0 Strep Test

- $0 Urine test

- $0 EKG

- $0 Splints

- $0 Laceration repair

- $50-75 Chest X-ray (depending on your willingness to drive)

- The UNDIVIDED ATTENTION of YOUR doctor, 24/7.

- And so much more.

You don't need to be left alone. Let Code 1 Concierge Care be your always-there medical home.

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