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What is Direct Primary (or Concierge) Care?

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

What just happened?

You've just finished an hour-long appointment with your new doctor. It was kind of a surreal experience. When you got there you went straight into your appointment. The doctor seemed kind, thoughtful, smart, and caring.

You had the time to think about your answers, go back and fill in information as your memory was jogged, and the entire time you never felt rushed or made to feel silly. Never once did the doctor look at a computer or step out for minutes at a time.

And, and (!) you walked out of the appointment with an honest-to-goodness plan that you understood and were able to ask questions about.

That was it. No more, no less. No waiting in line to submit your card for co-pays. With a friendly wave to the staff you were on your way.




Believe it or not, this is the exact experience patients at my practice, Code 1 Concierge Care. It is also the experience at the many Direct Primary Care Practices (DPCs) around Austin, such as Dr. Michael Garrett's Direct MD Austin. Providing care this way is our way of re-igniting the passion for healing medicine that most doctors have lost while in the claws of the "Health Care System."

I founded Code 1 Concierge Care* because a doctor's role should be to help patients achieve their best life.

You and I both know that this isn't how Health Care usually works.

My experience after over a decade working in the ER is that the current system is completely broken and primarily about "moving the meat" - which means cycling people through the system (doctor's office, ER, or hospital stay) as quickly as possible.

It's not that your doctors, specialists, the ER staff or the hospital don't care for you. They do, very much so. It's just that to do anything else can mean bankruptcy - because what doctors and hospitals are paid is often eaten up by declining reimbursement AND increased cost of compliance with regulations.

So, if you're ready for something new and better, check us out.

*Code 1 is named after my boys COle and juDE, and is also the radio code for non-emergent ambulance calls.

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