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“A Stitch in Time” - Guide to Laceration Repair

I’m proud to announce the publication of my collaborative paper on Operative and Nonoperative Laceration Repair Techniques.

This is a teaching guide for physicians, physicians-in-training, and others in the primary care setting who encounter lacerations and other wounds.

Thank you to Dr. Benjamin Silverberg, MD, MSc, Associate Professor at the West Virginia University School of Medicine for the invitation to collaborate with himself and my other colleagues on the paper. Dr. Silverberg also happens to be an old friend and alumnus from the University of Virginia Residency Training Program. It was an honor to be asked to collaborate.

I’ll be honest: it was a challenge to write this as life seems to get busier and busier with each passing day. That said, it’s always nice to look back and realize that the goal was achieved in spite of the challenges. It’s a lesson that I try and remind myself of every day.

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