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Code 1 Concierge Care is What Health Care Used to Be


Your doctor.

No one else.



That isn't the case anymore and hasn't been for many decades.

Instead, health care 

I offer unique, personalized healthcare and wellness solutions tailored to your unique needs and goals. Decades of training in medicine, health & fitness, developmental biology and genetics leads to a single conclusion: 


A cookie-cutter approach to health and wellness just doesn't work.

Fact: certain broad healthcare trends and ideas apply to all of us (obesity kills, the Western diet causes metabolic syndrome, diabetes and increased risk of heart disease, etc), 

Are you trying to lose weight? Are you tired of taking medications for high blood pressure or diabetes and wonder if there is another way? Do you want help achieving your best possible health, mind and body?

Join the Code 1 Concierge Care family and get ready for a holistic health care experience like you've never seen or heard of, except in the movies. 

What do I mean? 


This scene in the Jack Nicholson movie, "As Good As It Gets" with the incomparable Harold Ramis, has always had a profound impact on me.


Coming from a decidedly middle class home, the idea of a home visit from a doctor seemed like something that only happened in the movies. Watch the entire clip (~ 4 minutes) if you can, because it tells you how medicine should (and could) be*:

Dr. Cashio

Peter Whitney-Cashio, MD MS


Code 1 Concierge Care

You may be asking yourself, but 

 Code 1 does everything your Primary Care office does except:


  • No insurance companies.

  • No Co-Pays

  • Rushed appointments

  • Surprise bills after the visit

  • Forget that you are an individual.

  • Forget your unique healthcare needs

  • Forget to follow up on those important action items.

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