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Code 1: Crushing Your Healthcare Costs

Are You Sick of Paying Too Much for Crap Care?

Are You Ready for Amazing, Personal Care For a Fraction of the Cost?

I know that am.

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[Tragic stories of care delayed]

[Tragic story of crushing medical bills]

[Inspired by Austin & Flattening of the Old in order to build something beautiful from the ashes.]

Something BETTER, Innovative, Soulful & Responsive

We're your shelter in the storm of uncertainty. 


Building the Code 1 Concierge Family. 

For a reasonable annual or monthly fee, you get

  • Your doctor's time and undivided attention.

  • Thoughtful, comprehensive primary care.

  • VIP treatment

  • Easy mobile phone access to your doctor

  • Telemedicine visits when time or location gets in the way.

  • Prompt and enthusiastic attention from your doctor (no answering service).

  • Minor Urgent Care visits at low or no cost.

  • Extremely low cost labs, especially compared with insurance.

  • Huge money savings on Radiology (X-rays, CTs, MRIs, Ultrasounds)

Additional services include

  • Women's health (including hormonal evaluation)

  • Men's Health (incl. TRT as appropriate).

  • Aesthetics (Botox, Cosmetics, Peels)

  • Veteran's Disability Exams 



  • Plenty of time to discuss your needs.

  • A close relationship with your doctor

    • No Mid-level practitioners

  • Fewer patients = more time with your doctor

  • Your health and wellness are the priority

  • Call us at any time, email us, or text us

  • Save hundreds on labs, imaging, and prescription meds

  • Clear and consistent pricing

  • Peace of mind

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  • Rushed appointments

  • Often seen by a Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant instead of the Dr.

  • Doctor's have thousands of patients = less time

  • Only available during business hours, typically 9 - 5

  • 2-10x markup on labs and services

  • Services billed at the highest rate possible in order to maximize reimbursement from your insurance company

  • Constant worry: "Did my doctor forget something? Did they follow through?"


Different ages, different needs.

      | 0-17 |

$25/month or

$30/month (all inclusive*)

| AGES 18-39 |


$83/month (all inclusive*)

| AGES 40-64 |


$110/month (all inclusive*)

| 65+ |


   (waiting list)

| Botox |


Call for pricing

* Excludes certain lab tests (such as genetics) and imaging.



$100-$400 + 1 follow up



   $75 + 1 follow up




$110/month(all inclusive*)



The Code 1 Difference

Everyone is a VIP


Peace of Mind

  • Superior service

  • Cared for only by your doctor

  • Staff is extremely well-trained & knowledgeable

  • Simple, clear billing. 

    • No unhappy surprises​

  • You're part of the Code 1 family (& sometimes there are cookies)

  • Rapid, easy scheduling.

  • Close coordination with specialists.

Doctor exam one X-ray picture of spraine

Minor Injuries and Urgent Care

We're here so that you don't have to go to the ER

  • Sprains

  • Minor (closed) fractures

  • Migraine headaches

  • Dehydration

  • Bladder infections

  • Minor asthma attacks

  • Sinus infections

  • Skin infections (including boils and "spider bites")

  • Most lacerations

  • Sore throat

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Telehealth and Home Visits

In these uncertain times, we recognize that coming to the doctor's office isn't always an option.

In most cases, we are able to offer tele-health (desktop or mobile) visits. 

For those needing a higher level of care, we offer in-home visits by your doctor. This includes checkups, blood testing, and some simple testing. 

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Men's Health

Being a man means having to make tough choices. For most men, that becomes putting everyone else's health and well-being above your own.

The brutal truth is that your loved ones depend on your strength and well-being to shelter them from life's storms. How can you do that if you neglect the healthy foundation for all of your life's goals?  

Men have unique concerns:

  • Male-specific health issues

  • Strength & Fitness

  • Mental toughness

  • Diet & Nutrition

At Code 1 Concierge Care, we recognize that just as women have their own specific needs, so too do men need doctors who understand them.

Our Men's Health program breaks down men's health and wellness into it's component parts:

  • General health evaluation

  • Fitness evaluation & guidance

  • Dietary  counseling

  • Lifestyle advice

  • Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) when appropriate.

Easy Access to Your Doctor

Reach your doctor quickly and easily.

  • Quick answers to your questions.

  • Prompt, thorough, and enthusiastic attention to reasonable requests

  • Out of town and sick? 

    • Promptly schedule a telemedicine appointment​

    • Save hundreds or thousands on outside doctor visits.

  • Reduce the time to get important issues resolved. ​


14101 US 290
Suite 400B
Austin, TX 78737
1/2 mile south of 290 & Sawyer Ranch Rd



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